137, rue de l’université 75007 Paris, France   (+33) 171 255 137

Expressing our values

Communities that work together, a co-working space and networking

“No more classic boundaries between jobs. Make way for cross-cutting and collective intelligence and the cross-pollination of skills. We see ourselves as a third space where we can meet and exchange views.

We create cross-functional exchanges and developments to prepare you for acquiring new skills and we pave the way for the course of your choice. Concerned about your future, we know that skills are regularly obsolete and that trades are changing. Give yourself the opportunity to acquire more knowledge or give yourself the means to change your sector and your business style,

because much more than in your past certificates, we are interested in your unique qualities and desires for the future.

As soon as you are certified, join communities of leaders in our network. Learn from other businesses, sectors, regional and philosophical experiences and expertise.

Meet at 137 rue de l’Université, in our coworking area, open from 9 am to 7 pm, or via the IT tools on offer.”

Referrals from trusted third parties

In order to create, manage and grow your independent business, you need reliable partners and assistants.

We introduce you to umbrella companies, accountants, lawyers specialising in business law, and marketing experts, all of whom we have vetted. However, we remain entirely independent of these professional businesses.

Support makes for successful assignments

We don’t believe in hit-and-run recruitment. We want to ensure that all assignments pan out as smoothly and successfully as possible, particularly in the initial and end phases. We have a strict methodology and structured approach: we constantly monitor corporate and professional news, and provide training on #BigTrends.

We equip you with all the tools you need to successfully complete challenging operational and strategic projects.

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