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Transformation assignments in France and abroad

We help you to find genuinely interesting roles in companies, SMEs, institutions and organisations dealing with environments and issues that are consistent with your CV and ambitions.

We focus on companies that are like us – committed to improving their social and environmental impact.

Assignments could be anywhere in France or around the world.


Pivotal roles in all mainstream economic sectors

Are you a director or manager? We give you a chance to take on critical functions within a given organisation: senior management, HR, finance, operations, commercial, purchasing, audit, compliance, communications, marketing, client services, digital, legal, tax, projects, CSR, IT, data management or investment fund partner.
The assignments span all the main business sectors: retail & e-commerce, supply chain management, manufacturing, IT, investment funds, services, banking, insurance, sport, healthcare, entertainment, start-ups, cooperative sector, environment, social and solidarity economy – and the list goes on.


From developing a new strategic perspective to rolling out an operational project, we cover a broad range of activities.

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Managing a crisis
  1. Revitalising business activities and remedying underperformance
  2. Overseeing job preservation plans
  3. Getting loss-making projects back on track
  4. Managing a failing company or site
  5. Providing mediation and resolving managerial problems
Boosting growth
  1. Recalibrating service offering or pricing structure
  2. Supporting business development linked to scaling up
  3. Integrating acquisitions and mergers rapidly; IPOs
  4. Creating and rolling out shared service centres
  5. Maintaining and improving production processes and workflows
Transforming HR systems and employer branding
  1. Recruiting and training teams for growth and acquisitions
  2. Restoring a healthy working atmosphere and building a corporate, trade union and voting strategy
  3. Managing a struggling payroll service
  4. Overseeing the operational aspects of setting up recruitment and mobility services
  5. Reviewing and negotiating collective agreements, pension schemes, health insurance, etc.
Establishing effective governance and management structures
  1. Managing conflict in a family business, between shareholders or a management crisis
  2. Providing strategic governance
  3. Supporting directors and managers as they structure growth phases
  4. Performing audits and producing compliance plans
  5. Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and publication duties
Overseeing a transformation project
  1. Managing large engineering and IT projects
  2. Overhauling the supply chain and procurement
  3. Rolling out an ERP system
  4. Relocating companies and networks
  5. Acting as a trusted third party for teams, regions and countries to create a harmonised purchasing community
Keeping costs in check
  1. Implementing cost and stock reduction programmes
  2. Improving business performance
  3. Establishing a reporting system or budget process
  4. Renegotiating and restructuring financial liabilities; improving cash flow
  5. Completing outstanding international calls for tender
Secure and control legal and compliance risks
  1. Set up a legal department
  2. Establish compliance programmes.
  3. Support the establishment of a new line of business
  4. Perform a compliance evaluation, risk assessment or audit
  5. Define a risk management system
  6. Draw up a code of conduct
  7. Set up and develop risk manager teams
Temporary replacements
  1. Chief Executive Officer
  2. HR Director, labour relations
  3. Chief Financial Officer
  4. Business Development Director, marketing,
  5. Transformation Director, digital
  6. Operations manager, clientele
  7. Safety and security Director
  8. Factory, production, warehouse and store manager
  9. Director of shared services centre (payroll, accounting, etc.)

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